PMP is Leading The Way

PayMyPremiums delivers improved efficiencies for agency partners and is accessible through QIV (AFCO Direct’s in-house quoting platform), Vertafore®’s InsurLink™, Vertafore®’s AMS360® and other integrations coming this year! PMP is mobile-friendly and makes it easy for insureds to pay premiums in full or make their down payments and finance premiums.

PayMyPremiums is accessible in several ways, including through Vertafore's AMS360 agency management system and its InsurLink feature; and of course, via AFCO's in-house quoting system Quotes-in-View.


Check out the demos below for a glimpse at PMP in action for both agents and insureds:

PMP Insureds’ Experience


*The insured experience remains the same no matter how you enter PMP

PMP Agents’ Experience


*The agent experience above is specific to using PMP with AFCO Direct's in-house quoting system, QIV

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PMP Agents’ Experience

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The first time you use PayMyPremiums you’ll arrive at this landing page. Here, you can see how PayMyPremiums works. With a few clicks, you can offer your insured multiple payment options whether Finance or paid in full, AFCO’s easy digital processes eliminate mail delays, paper documents and check handling. AFCO does it all in a snap. Minimizing your average days receivable outstanding. PMP focuses on great client experience from the agent to the insured by extending simplicity and flexibility on every policy in the office or the go. Insurance can pay by direct debit and credit card all within a few clicks. If you don’t want to see this page again next time you come in, simply click “Don’t show me this page again”. So let’s click “Let’s go”.

Invitation setup and delivery. This first section here for the agent information is pre-populated with the agent name and the email associated with their QIV profile. If you need to change any information you can change it here and save for future use. This section is used for tow purposes. The name and the email are what is used to esign the PFA. The email additionally is used to be carbon copied on the invitation that is sent to the insured.

The next step is the terms and conditions. The agent is required to agree to the PFA. Note, they are not required to open the PFA but if they want to they can and they could download a copy. They need to agree to the PayMyPremiums terms and conditions. Note, this clearly denotes that AFCO is going to collect the full premium. Potentially and fund within three business days.

The next step is inviting your insured to PayMyPremiums. So here you’re going to want to provide the email address of the insured upon submission PayMyPremiums will send them and email inviting them in to make their payment. Also, note here that the agent cannot sign on behalf of the insured so the same email address for the agent and the insured cannot be used.

The next step is copying any additional agency email addresses on the PMP confirmation.  So after the insured completes their payment, we’re able to copy as many email addresses as you would like on the payment confirmation. So you can see here, I already have two email addresses saved. So the next step is clicking submit.

This completes the agent portion of the invitation process. At this point, you have the opportunity to rate and provide feedback on your experience. The email is now sitting in the insured email box and is waiting for payment. Additionally you are able to return to QIV to view the payment status. So I’m going to click return to QIV. You’ll see at this point that the payment is pending and you’ll have the option to resend the PMP invitation or terminate it.

After you’ve completed the esign portion of the process you will now see that you’ll have a copy of the email that is sent to the insured. Insured will get an email from The agent who sent the invitation as I mentioned will be cc’d on the email and you can reply or reforward it to your insured as needed. The subject line will include your insurance plan from PayMyPremiums. Insured have the option to either click the hyperlink in the email or go to and enter in their invoice number and payment ID to pay. You’ll not here, we’re able to completely white label the entire PMP user experience with your agency logo, including emails and our website.

This completes the agent portion of the PMP new quote delivery process.

PMP Insureds' Experience

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Hi, my name is Tyler St. John, product manager of PayMyPremiums at AFCO. I’m going to walk you through the insured process to complete a payment using PayMyPremiums.

After your agent sends an email to you, you’ll get an email from The subject line will include your payment plan from the agent who sent the invitation. You’ll have the option to click the hyperlink to go to and pay or you can go to and enter in your invoice number and payment ID shown below.

Upon logging into PayMyPremiums, you’ll see the agency branded logo at the top. The insurance will be presented with two payment options side by side. The Easy Finance Plan and Pay In Full.

If an insurance selects Pay in Full there’s a simple and easy process to collect their contact information and choose how they want to pay by either credit card or ACH. If financing, we also bring them through a very simple and easy four step process to digitally agree to financing. So we’re going to click financing.

We display a summary of the financing terms and conditions. Insurance must click that they agree to the terms and conditions. If they like they can view and download a copy of the paper PFA.

The next step is to provide contact information. So this is used for two purposes. One is used to send an email confirmation and is also used to esign the PFA.

The next step is selecting the down payment method. Regardless of Pay In Full or Finance, you will have two options to complete your full payment or down payment. Credit cards do have  a fee that is passed along through our payment processor. When paying by ACH, we validate the routing number. This helps reduce issues on the back end. Then we’re going to enter in our account number. We’re going to put it in twice. Also, note that ACH payments are free 100% of the time whether financed or paid in full.

Insurance will then have the option to enroll in autopay. If they do elect this options, we ask them to provide their banking information and agree to the terms and conditions. If they did elect to pay their down payment by ACH, we pre-populate the information. If they elected to pay their down payment by credit card, we simply ask to provide the ACH information. If the insurance decides not to enroll, they can always enroll through our myAFCO portal through a very simple and easy digital process as well. Since we did elect to enroll in autopay, we have to agree to the ACH terms and conditions. So we are going to agree to the terms and conditions.

As a final step you’re able to review your payment selections. If at any point, you want to go back into the process and change anything you can simply click the edit pencil to go back.

At this point, we are going to submit the payment. Great. Your payment has been submitted. At this point Insurance can either print the confirmation, they can download the esign PFA and provide feedback on their experience. Additionally, we email a copy of the confirmation to the insured including the esign PFA and copy the agent as well. Note, the insured does select a cred card down payment, they will receive another email from our credit card vendor when we process their payment.

After the insured completes their payment in PayMyPremiums, they will get an email from showing that their payment was submitted. We also copy any additional agency emails that provided and the agent that you esigned the PFA. The esign PFA is attached electronically signed. This can be used to upload in your document management system. If a paid in full payment was made we simply send the PMP confirmation with those payments selections.