What is PayMyPremiums

PayMyPremiums (PMP) is a 100% digital agent and insured experience. Collecting premium can be time-consuming and costly. Providing flexible payment options to insureds requires even more work and time. Insurance agents can now connect - within minutes - to our one-stop payment portal for premium billing, collection, and financing needs using AFCO Direct's PMP. PMP is mobile-friendly, controlled by the agent and eases administrative efforts – all at no extra cost! Welcome to the “PMP experience”!

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There are multiple ways to access PayMyPremiums:

  • Integration with Vertafore’s® InsurLink™ product
  • Integration with the AMS360® management system
  • Through AFCO Direct’s in-house quoting system, QIV

What PMP Offers


Helping you grow your business

Saves time collecting premium, payments, or finance agreements

Premium Collection

Collecting premiums

In full, or over time, through simple and fast digital processes - offers premium financing alongside a pay-in-full option and multiple payment methods for your insureds

Flexible Payment Options

Extends flexible options on every policy

Maximize revenue from your premium finance asset

Great Client Experience

An intuitive straightforward digital user experience

Leverages digital signatures, down payment collection and automated submission for processing

See how PayMyPremiums is changing the game for our agent Alex Dopazo, Vice President of Dopazo and Associates Insurance

How PMP is helping Dopazo Insurance with premium collection


PMP improves agency workflow


How has PMP financing benefitted your agency?


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SPEAKER: AFCO has made the premium financing process as easy as one, two, three. AFCO, through our PayMyPremiums platform, offers agency partners a completely digital invoicing, down payment collection, and financing experience. Insurers can pay invoices by credit card or ACH, and PayMyPremiums offers easy and competitive pay plans to every insured. Now, premium financing is on autopilot. Learn more. Contact AFCO today.

How PMP is helping Dopazo Insurance with premium collection.

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Title: Insights from Alex Dopazo
Dopazo Insurance

Written on screen during the video: "How has PayMyPremiums improved your collection proccess?"

PayMyPremiums has made our premium collection so streamlined.

Our office does a lot of transactional small business work and being able to have one workflow that works across all of our agency bill carriers that it makes it easy for the customer to go ahead and make that payment on their cell phone on their own tablet on their computer - however - forwarded to the accountant make that payment either in full or with a credit card or ACH, set it up on auto pay.

Having all of that as one seamless process has sped up our ability to be able to get to that binder as quickly as possible. And quickly is an important part of what we do. Our customers always call us three days after they needed the insurance. So being able to do that in a way that is as least cumbersome to the customer as possible while getting us everything we need.

PayMyPremium has made a huge difference in the way that process works in our office and our customers have loved going through it.

PMP improves agency workflow

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[Written on the screen during video presentation] "How else has PayMyPremiums benefitted your agency?"

The biggest way would really just be the the fact that it's one workflow. We now don't have multiple payment portals.

Hey, if you pay in full you do it this way. Hey, if you're gonna Finance you do it that way. We have one way of making that payment and customers appreciate it because it's basically a repeatable thing for them. They remember how to do it from a previous situation and that for PayMyPremiums was unique. There were other solutions that we had in place but it kind of bifurcated it split the way that they did it based on how they wanted to pay. That's now gone. It's been a huge impact not just for our customers, but for the workflows how we train our employees. It's one way that they collect payment.

How has PMP financing benefitted your agency?

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[Written on screen during the video "Has the financing aspect of PayMyPremiums benefitted your agency?"]

We've always wanted a solution to give us the opportunity to give the customer as many choices as possible and PayMyPremiums does just that. We've gone from offering our pay in full customers or the customers that traditionally pay in full no financing to offering them a financing at Point of Sales.

So at that last step they get to make that choice. It's also removed from our sales process the conversation about the Premium Finance. We basically just say, oh hey, you know, if a customer asks, do we need you know, is it possible to pay in payments we say, yes, you'll see how easy that is when you receive the PayMyPremiums email and they get to make that choice whether they want to pay full with a credit card, whether they want to make those payments and set those up on ACH auto pay. All of that at the point of sale.

So giving that choice to my customers really elevated what we're offering as an agency because we're no longer having to have that as part of the sales process. We just simply send them the link and they make that choice.